Ellie ;)
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I'm a very loyal Hufflepuff! I like to read, and write poetry. I also like to swim and ride my bike and donate to various cancer funds. When I grow up I want to become an entrepreneur a house designer, a lawyer, and an Activist/Poet. My sister is T;).
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This is a modern take on a living room dining room and kitchen. As you can see there is a lot of wood and whitish gray tones in this space.  

Please help me win this is my first project on this app!

Thank You, and have a great day!
Ok! I know what you're thinking it's not even a valentines day theme...
but please listen to my reasoning!  As a house designer, I want things to contrast with one another, also the space given was too small.
If you think I'm wrong so be it!

Although I don't really like it ist better than crap!

          So be my valentine by helping me win...    Thank You to all the people that comment on my projects, Thank You feedback is GREAT!

                                     Happy Valentine's day family!
Hey, I'm back!  This week's project was interesting, for starters I'm a girl, I really didn't know what this space should be.  I wanted it to be a 16-year-old's room, (for some odd reason.) I ended up going with a classic modern, 7 to 14-year-old's room, or what I think fits the mold of a  7 to 14-year-old's room. 

The reason why I didn't design the space last week was that.... I wasn't feeling like myself, I was extremley stressed.  ( I did help my sister, T:) Anyways,  Thank You!!!
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