Sara :)

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wow! i love it! its really good and all the colours match i would love to have such a bedroom! im definitely voting for u pls vote 4 me https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/6319

2020-06-16 08:50:37

I really like it! I like the blue and the gold together, and I love the layout! You have my vote. Please check out mine and vote if you like it :)https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/6364

2020-06-16 12:22:15

Very creative! Pls, vote for me! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/6616

2020-06-16 23:17:31
Mark Cyfko

Your girls room is amazing! Keep it up! I will vote for you please vote for me! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/6485

2020-06-18 12:45:49

I like it. I like the colors. I like the layout. I think that is a very pleasant space. It's funny and elegant at the same time. Very well done.

2020-06-19 13:54:29
Sara :)

Thank you so much!

2020-06-20 04:27:18
Hall Pat

Muy bien distribuido y esos detalles bien cuidados, además el color realmente simpatiza. Me agrada así que vote por ti. (Aproposito) te agradecería que visitarlas mi proyecto y votarás por el si te gusta o dejaras un comentario y/o sugerencia ;) https://planner5d.com/es/contests/detail/6206

2020-06-21 05:06:43

i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/6319

2020-06-21 14:22:54