Bruce Harris

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muy original me fascina suerte. plis mira el mio suerte!!! / very original luck fascinates me. please look at mine, luck !!!

2020-08-10 06:22:45
Canadian Person

WOW! love this! Please vote and comment your thoughts on mine on page 13!

2020-08-10 15:57:02

This is on my top favorite 3 designs list for sure!! I love the wooden accent wall too!! the whole thing is just so well put together!! Amazing work! Please check out my design on page 11, I will really appreciate it!! :)

2020-08-10 18:17:29
Bruce Harris

Click my name and see all my contest entries. All consistent and very imaginative designs. I know with the rules changing and those without premium memberships, it's difficult to modify your objects. Thanks for all the comments and inspiration taken from my works.

2020-08-10 22:25:45

This is amazing. I love the luxury look nice work. (I'm on page 4)

2020-08-11 05:05:02

Wonderful as always.

2020-08-12 14:06:40

she's very beautiful! compliments. If you want, come and see the room I furnished, and if you like it can you rate it? thank you.

2020-08-12 23:16:02

Very cool and innovative design :)

2020-08-13 11:35:21
Bruce Harris

I just want some votes to make top 5 at this point. I value the prizes on a monetary level. I could use them and publish awesome renders of great designs and not just wasting them on design battle concepts like most of the participants that keep on winning this dead horse of a contest. I have only seen a handful of individuals that make the top 5 that are consistent and create unique, contest rules compliant. Competency of concept should be proven by scoring on criteria of content and expression and execution of details should be the baseline of determining a room's aesthetic. This has to be one of the worst designs I've done just because the pallet of items was limited to the max! Good luck to all that really get it and we hope the remainder grow up to know what's really cool.

2020-08-15 01:29:03

Your design is amazing as usual. I enjoy seeing what you make. There is not a lot of brown though, but I still love it. Voted! If you want to, you can see mine on page 64, or just click on my name.

2020-08-15 19:33:46

i liked your project it was really nice, but i think coloring all the walls would have made it looked a little comfier. please vote for me on page 1, row 3, last person to the right. i really wanna win i have been doing these challenges since the 3rd battle came out and ive never won

2020-08-15 21:13:06

Please heart mine on page 2

2020-08-16 23:54:25