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Elena Z

Here you can see the renders: https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/S7D5R https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/S7D59 https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/S7D5Z https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/S7D56

2020-08-03 22:55:03

Lovely colour scheme and layout! I like how the shelves provide storage (much needed in a real office) and its placement offers some privacy for certain desks. The renders look great! Please do comment on mine at Pg 6

2020-08-04 02:00:07

Hi Elena. I like how you approached the task of this contest. The color scheme is for shure bright but not offensive, as the nice calm neutral grey soft them. The brick elements mirroring each other add some interesting texture in the enivorment, enliven the space. The layout is nice and very functional. I have to say that at the moment I cannot find any fault to your project. You have some serious skills. Please, have a look to my project. Page 16. Don't forget to write your page.

2020-08-04 11:51:19
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

WOW urs is sooo amazing!!! ill definitely be voting for u! please vote for me on pg 17! i'lll really appreciate it. :)

2020-08-04 17:58:10
Milica G.

I like your project, too. It is one of few with a real design concept. Great color and print combo. I like to see when people were, actually,carefully thinking about every detail and it's place and purpose.

2020-08-05 07:50:37
Elena Z

Thanks a lot!

2020-08-05 19:07:03

Hi Elena, I voted for your project, as it is one my favourite. Thank you for the nice comments on mine. Yes, maybe it is a little empty and needed some forniture more but as I wanted to go a little bonkers with the project, I was afraid to put too much. Bad move. However, I really enjoied design it. There are some tributes to my some of my favourite sci-fi shows as you can see. The black and white table is a quote of "Let this be your last battlefield", one of my favourte episodes from the Star Trek Original Series, aired in the far 1969. However, thank you so much again and good luck with the contest!

2020-08-07 13:47:49
Hall Pat

No había podido buscar tu proyecto, pero me alegro de que estés participando, tu proyecto realmente tiene un tema hermoso. Me gusta el uso de los colores brillantes. Bien echo!. Agradecería si dejaras un comentario en o sugerencia en mi proyecto que está en la página 3 :) vote por ti, espero que llegues lejos.

2020-08-07 17:56:21

Thank you so much for your feedback and your vote. I really appreciate that.

2020-08-07 23:50:28

wow your planner is very good!!! I like your planner!!!! so I vote you!!! your planner is neat!!!! and please vote me!!! my planner is black and white house!! thanks!! good luck!!

2020-08-09 01:58:32