Fátima Carmo

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Hall Pat

Realmente hiciste un gran trabajo, el esquema de color es atractivo y tambien la organizacion, bien echo :) te agradeceria si dejaras un comentario o sugerencia en mi proyecto, estoy en la pagina 3 :D

2020-08-03 15:26:22
r o s e


2020-08-03 16:49:06
User 9424078

2020-08-04 03:58:23
Emily Williams

OMG THIS IS GORGEOUS. I really loved the colour scheme which was blue and white right? I also like the way you used your imagination to put those desks together You will definetely have my vote when the time comes. I would also appreciate it if you vote for me which is on page 1. Thans!

2020-08-04 09:08:28

I really like it the blues went very well with the whites (or it could be beige I'm not sure) and the pictures are a very creative touch you did an amazing job!

2020-08-04 15:54:07

Hello, please check my project in page 33 https://planner5d.com/fr/contests/works/?page=33 And Renders : https://planner5d.com/storage/s/a7d566b3f85fffb94d2a67bcd672dd8e_3534060.jpg?v=1596654661 https://planner5d.com/storage/s/a7d566b3f85fffb94d2a67bcd672dd8e_3534068.jpg?v=1596656714 https://planner5d.com/storage/s/a7d566b3f85fffb94d2a67bcd672dd8e_3534064.jpg?v=1596655468 https://planner5d.com/storage/s/a7d566b3f85fffb94d2a67bcd672dd8e_3534057.jpg?v=1596654816 And please just leave your page number in my comment project with your renders and i will for sur give you a feedback more specific

2020-08-05 20:53:17

Hi, thanks for the feedback ! I like the design of the desks and layout furnitures, the color sheme is also good, the blue one especially, but I would work in one accent wall in the hole space you did 3 and don't match really toghether, but with renders will see better so good job !

2020-08-06 09:11:58
Fátima Carmo

Thanks for your comments and criticism, i'm new here, i'm learning so all the criticisms and tips are precious!Thank you all

2020-08-07 00:43:20
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2020-08-07 01:01:53
Albano Lizarraga

Beautiful harmony of colors! And the layout of the equipment is phenomenal!

2020-08-07 01:22:47

This is an exquisite and accomplished design, with a strong sense of style and elegance. Maybe even too much for a work place but yet very enjoiable. I think that your choice of colors is absolutly spot on and lovely itself, although it lake of some bright accents as per contest brief. However I would be really happy to work in a place that looks like carved in the sky. Everything is balanced, the picture on the wall put some splash of colors, the layout is simple and really functional. You did not closed the space and created an enviroment which is not too busy. I would say maybe your new to this contests, but you are here to stay. What a debut. You have some serious numbers. No dubt about it. If you like, have a look to my project at page 16. Or click on my name (in green) e then in the page, click on submitted contest -shows all (in green). You will find my last project. Click on it to open it. Let me know what do you think. I voted for you as I really like your project.

2020-08-07 13:57:02
Fátima Carmo

Thank you all so much for the comments! :)

2020-08-08 01:22:56
Fátima Carmo

And for the votes too. _/|\_

2020-08-08 01:24:25

Wow love the color scheme. Very cool room. I really like it. You have my vote. Check out mine on page 2 .Please vote if you like it and comment honest opinions. Thanks

2020-08-09 06:00:29