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User 10840096

2020-07-16 20:36:52

Thank you!

2020-07-16 20:37:35
Interior Designsss

Nice layout, nice colors, and very creative!!! Very modern!

2020-07-16 22:52:18
Planner 5D

wow! your planner is very good!!!! so i voted you. your planner is neat. if you like it please vote me for my planner.

2020-07-17 01:53:32
Hall Pat

Votado. Tu trabajo es muy agradable :)

2020-07-17 02:59:51

Thank you!

2020-07-17 03:01:11
Bruce Harris

This is really making me not want to quit these battles.

2020-07-17 03:03:44

Don't quit! Your works are always so good!

2020-07-17 03:08:48
Aarna Gupta

bad choice of colours

2020-07-17 04:53:42
Aarna Gupta

but good placement

2020-07-17 04:54:02
Aarna Gupta

i voted

2020-07-17 04:54:18

Thank you for your honesty. And thank you!

2020-07-17 04:55:48

LOVE the color scheme!! And the outdoor area is awesome! Voting 4 u! =)

2020-07-17 05:42:33
Born to be Wild

Voted for you!

2020-07-17 06:45:35

your project is very beautiful i love the color i voted for you, can go see mine

2020-07-17 07:23:33
Born to be Wild

Voted for you!

2020-07-17 07:29:16
Anonymous Baby

done voting!!

2020-07-17 10:28:24

Hello, please check my Livingroom And Renders :

2020-07-17 11:11:00

wow, i love the gold, black and white colour scheme. it looks amazing!! i voted for you !!!

2020-07-17 13:00:57

here is my design, and a few renders,,, i would love it if you could check it out, leave a comment and maybe even vote for me :)

2020-07-17 13:00:59

Hey! voting is open! I'm definitely gonna vote for you! Come checkout my project and see if it's worth your vote! Thanks!

2020-07-17 13:44:34
Alejandra Visscher

omg i love it im voting for yu plis ckeck mine

2020-07-17 13:50:18
Potato chip

Thank you for the comment. And thank you for voting. Your room looks really nice. I have voted for you too.

2020-07-17 16:35:00

Thank you all so much for commenting!

2020-07-17 18:32:22

hi i voted for you please vote for me too. Afro

2020-07-17 22:05:57
TBC Builds

WOW! You added like another room! I like it!

2020-07-18 06:36:05

Thank you!

2020-07-18 07:05:50
Sim Dhanda

voted please vote for me as well :)

2020-07-18 09:15:46

hey i voted please vote as well

2020-07-18 09:17:40
nicole jardinel

I like the arrangement. I voted for you.

2020-07-18 11:17:17

Thank you!

2020-07-18 15:17:06

How on Earth-like how. Can you tell me how you did the outside area with the walls because i would love to try that. I am 13 years old and my dream job is to become an interior designer and your work is mind-blowing please message me on mine to explain how to do that if that's okay with you here is my link Please vote for me if you like it. BTW i voted for you there is no way that i wouldn't

2020-07-18 22:32:38

Thank you for the onest and open review. I have to say that I love your desing, which is able to merge together a very lavish and classy style and the idea of a warm and welcoming enviroment. The neutral color for walls and fllor, and the dark elements makes stand out the yellow-golden element in the room, giving dept to the desing and making it a cozy place where to be. The layout is nice but I honestly I have a problem with the fireplace in used as element to zone the room mostly becuase you put a sofa behind it. The idea of a snug corner where to sink with your friends or your family, is very good but what about it is practical having the sofa basically atached to the back of the fireplace? Also the ladder is little bit uncessary in my opinion. The outdoor space is a good idea. You can enjoy a nice summer day and have your privacy. I voted for you.

2020-07-18 23:03:35

Thank you very much for your advice! I will keep it in mind!

2020-07-19 00:20:02
Interior Designsss

So nice and creative!!! The gray and mustard colors go well together! I voted for you! Please vote for me! Thank you!

2020-07-19 02:37:22


2020-07-19 02:46:48

thank you for voting I voted

2020-07-19 03:06:21
User 12798674

2020-07-19 04:40:15

Lovely - the designer shelves/wall! And also the L couches integrated with the storage/ fireplace.

2020-07-19 11:33:56
Elena Z

I like your choice of colours, and the sitting corner is awesome! Voted!

2020-07-19 11:49:52
Anne Hilary

Very nice ❤️ voted :)

2020-07-19 12:37:25

I voted for you! It looks amazing!!!! The outdoor area is so cool, and the colors go great together. I bet you are going to win this contest, because you are SUPER TALENTED!!! But, I think instead of having everything black, white, or gold, you could add a little splash of color. Otherwise, It´s AMAZING! Thank you for voting mine!! :-)

2020-07-19 12:59:34

My brother LOVES it!! I also like the description under the plan!! Very cool!

2020-07-19 13:02:05

I think people who work hard on their plans deserve votes!

2020-07-19 13:02:37

wow ! i really like it ill vote pls vote and comment for me on page 9

2020-07-19 15:33:59

Thank you all so much for commenting! And for the advice!

2020-07-19 15:44:02
Eren Yılmaz

Nice room! Vote for you :)

2020-07-19 16:05:00

Thank you!

2020-07-19 16:43:03
Stephanie Waide

i voted

2020-07-19 23:44:23
Anna Nyny Zalt

someone who understand interior...

2020-07-20 07:37:03