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Siegfried Peter
Përshëndetje, Unë do të ju jap një pikë për përpjekjet tuaja. Por shkallët kërkuar nga muri? dera në qiell? Nga jashtë nuk ka drejtë hyrjeje? Pozdrav, ja ću vam dati bod za svoj trud. No stepenice gleda iz zida? vrata u nebo? Izvana nema glavno jelo? S. P.
2016-09-25 18:16:19
Albania - Kosova
Yes, Mr. Peter, you are absolutely right. In fact, my idea was to make a second floor over the kitchen in such a way that the staircase would be linked with the floor and not "be left in the space". I tried to do that, but the main problem was the slow Internet connection. I have to wait too much, until the objects appear in 3D. In any case, you are welcome to express your points and opinion. Thank you for the consideration.
2016-09-25 19:14:09
Siegfried Peter
Hello ... yes I know this problem. I also have a slow internet. Therefore I can not much decoration install. I therefore bring floor plans and interior decoration is not much. Further a lot of fun ... S. P.
2016-09-26 06:16:04
Albania - Kosova
Thank you for understanding. Have a nice day!
2016-09-26 09:16:32