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Oh also just noticed the floating dartboard over the couch... that's not supposed to be there. I might have accidentally copied it! Sorry!

2020-06-29 12:56:52

Wow its so cool, come see mine and comment, and when voting starts vote me! I really want to get to the top 5! Thanks! :)

2020-06-29 18:44:48

wow! i love it its sooooooooo awsome i can just imagine myself relaxing in the comfy sofas and having a blast im definitely voting for you pls vote 4 me

2020-06-30 21:29:07

Hi, thanks for that nice comment on mine I really aprecaiate it. ALso my sister is i this competition two shes Grace on this page. ALso I love yours and your brothers. I will vote for both of you when it opens and share your link and your brothers!

2020-07-02 12:38:46

I meant my sister is in not i

2020-07-02 12:39:05

I will! Thank you!

2020-07-02 12:43:16

Hi! I'll vote for you if you vote mine. Here's my link and comment down your link so I can vote for you! Thank you❤️

2020-07-03 03:32:19

i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me

2020-07-03 12:25:47
Shamroc fion

haha do you have a target hovering over the couch? Just kidding I LOVE your house! Mine isn't as good, but could you please still vote for me? Thanks! goatman

2020-07-03 13:46:45

Love this room! please vote for me and comment your link if you do, so i can do the same for you!

2020-07-04 18:25:58

hi! i love it! i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me

2020-07-05 10:44:35

I voted plz vote for me!

2020-07-05 17:36:07