Galpão (Hangar) 57377 by Michelle Silva image

About this project

Galpão transformado em Flat moderno e aconchegante.

Commentaires (6)
Micaela Maccaferri
Muito bom! eu realmente gosto. Brava
2014-12-29 20:59:37
Michelle Silva
Obrigado Micaela :D
2014-12-30 00:13:56
Michal Turek
Very beatifull! But how did you do crooked wall with box ?
2015-01-14 10:54:31
Michelle Silva
Puts it at the time which you wish to secure and 3D on shift knob and turn it, you will see the possible algulos. Good luck
2015-01-14 10:59:29
Michal Turek
Thank you so much
2015-01-14 11:05:27
omg i love it! this is totally my dream home
2021-05-07 12:55:34