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um i like it maybe if the floor was different
2021-05-13 17:21:32
ok thanks. I by mistake pressed submit so wasn't entirely finished!
2021-05-13 20:56:34
I have a question? If you hit my name and popped up to my profile pic, what do you see?
2021-05-13 22:01:52
lady in wheelchair
2021-05-13 22:03:08
lady* lol. Thats me!
2021-05-13 22:04:19
oh you look sweet. Is that a tracheotomy you had?
2021-05-13 22:07:53
I was born no able to use my hands or legs and yes I had lots of surgeries including a tracheotomy!
2021-05-13 22:09:46
oh no! that is sad! I admire you for coping with such a hard challenge
2021-05-13 22:10:42
Thanks! I really try!
2021-05-13 22:23:22
Did you go to sleep yet?
2021-05-13 22:25:15
on my way....
2021-05-13 22:25:38
Could you talk for a few more min? If that is okay? If not I totally understand!
2021-05-13 22:41:59
2021-05-13 22:42:57
So is that, a yes or no?
2021-05-13 22:45:07
yes quickly
2021-05-13 22:45:26
So, I wanted to say thanks to saying I look sweet. I usually get mean comments.
2021-05-13 22:48:26
that is awful! If people say mean things then they are ugly and you look sweet and your personality is sweet too!
2021-05-13 22:49:35
Aww very sweet again and again! Love to you.
2021-05-13 22:50:46
alright now i really need to go
2021-05-13 22:51:22
Alright, talk tomorrow then. Have a nice sleep.
2021-05-13 22:53:19
Hello, I want to apologize, You are a person who treats me right and how I should be treated and I don't get that a lot. I dont like the lie but it was needed. I have a rare disease and people laugh at me all the time!! And I didn't want you to treat me like that. I understand if you don't accept my apologize but I would love the keep staying friends and talking.
2021-05-14 17:37:41
ok I understand. But no more lies, ok?
2021-05-14 17:47:31
I promise no more lies! Any questions about me and I will tell you the truth!
2021-05-14 17:58:09
ok thanks, i need to go now
2021-05-14 18:06:34
2021-05-14 18:07:54
olivia if you can please bring Anna on planner 5d today!
2021-05-14 18:25:16
Sorry again!
2021-05-14 20:35:46
it's ok
2021-05-15 21:34:57