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Maryna Denyschenko

Hi. I like your combination of colors in both rooms and also in seating area in-between. Younger girl seems to have more or less everything needed except maybe a mirror. But the darker room for older girl is missing a wardrobe. Also it may be better not to put mirror in front of the window, insolation is important especially in a dark interior. And maybe a little bit more decors on walls, like paintings or mirrors could be good. But in general it is very lovely and visually pleasant design solution.

2020-10-21 13:51:06

Thank you for the constructive advice! Yeah, I didn't really know what to put into the younger girl room. And you're probably right about the mirror, probably should have removed it xD. Anyways, thank you so much again!

2020-10-21 13:53:40
Maryna Denyschenko

As I said, it looks great all together, but there is always a potential for improvement, I think)))

2020-10-21 14:09:40
Hall Pat

Vaya! Que estilos tan distintos. Es muy interesante. En la habitación obscura esa cama fue sin duda mi parte favorita es una idea inteligente además lo llevaste sencillo pero brindándole su propio ambiente. En cuanto a la habitación rosa me pareció muy tierna y relajante, de igual manera creo que lo llevaste sencillo pero eso no quita su calidez. Buen trabajo :)

2020-10-22 13:40:57

¡Oh gracias! ¡Ustedes dos! Ambos son muy amables y se lo agradezco ^^ Oh thank you! Both of you! You both are very kind and I appreciate it ^^

2020-10-27 16:07:09