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This is a loft

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sorry I dont use this web site any more
oh hey nice
2021-04-17 02:29:40
sorry I dont use this web site any more
how did you get those divets in the ceiling
2021-04-17 02:30:49
Cubes! they are in the section with the rooms. If you resize them to the size like then if you want them like I did them you have to turn them a special way to do that hold SHIFT on your keyboard and then turn them. (hold the SHIFT key while you are turning it) Hope you like anyone can put furniture because I did not put in much.
2021-04-17 11:28:41
sorry I dont use this web site any more
ah ok well I dont have premium so It wont look nice
2021-04-17 16:49:08
can you try to finish my house this week?
2021-04-24 14:29:44
can you please answer and I want to see the house layout so post a draft!
2021-04-24 22:41:17
hello! can you start my house?
2021-05-10 00:53:09
also would you like to join my contest every week? it is on Mondays and you have to finish by Friday!
2021-05-10 00:54:04
it Is a house contest!
2021-05-10 00:54:15
Can you make me my house??
2021-05-17 21:23:26