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Hello! So. This is my dream home for my family. I have decided that if this design gets 10 hearts I will get the premium next month. So plz heart it if you want to see my designs look better! lol!

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Thank you for hearting it Hall Pat!
2021-07-13 16:45:52
hi keki! this is so cool, i wanted to just let you know in advanced that i’ll be posting drafts when i’m happy with the progress made. i won’t be working on it today and potentially tomorrow as i’ve got so much homework i need to get done, i’m not forgetting it i’m just saying it will take longer than usual! i’m not going to not do it either as i know how frustrating it is when someone doesn’t do what they say they’ll do. just wanted to tell you
2021-07-13 17:11:09
Hey sis!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-07-13 20:37:16
Fish Boy
I love it sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-07-13 20:39:23
Thanks y'all!
2021-07-13 23:41:05
Potato chip
I'm happy to look at any design you want to show. I'm sure this would look great with the intended furniture and all, since there isn't a lot you can add when you don't have premium(I don't have it either). I'd love to see what you would do if you get premium though.
2021-07-14 04:41:13
Thank you so much for hearting my design and commenting with all the nice words! I think I may actually get the premium!
2021-07-14 12:10:07
I’ve hearted it because it’s a really cool design and I think you should get premium!
2021-07-14 18:02:46
And I’ll start working again tomorrow or at the weekend, I hope you understand I’ve just got lots of work to catch up on
2021-07-14 18:03:26
Thank you for the heart! And I totally understand!!!!
2021-07-14 22:05:20
well done Keki. i really like this design!
2021-07-18 20:50:07
2021-07-19 14:04:26
Hi Keki, thank you for your comment. The spatial distribution of the house is good. I love the large terraces , the veranda overlooking the back garden. I know there is no premium version , but the interior could be more detailed. I am thinking, for example , of covering the walls, for example, the mirror is missing from the bathroom. Try to go into the details a little better. I hope I didn't hurt you because that's not my goal. You spend more time on the project because I believe it is worth it, you are talented. Overall, I really like the house. I hope you to get the premium version.
2021-07-19 19:27:32
Thank you for the feedback!
2021-07-19 21:16:46