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Back again!
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Interior Design Competition

3D Renders
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No hassle. Just fun.
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The floors and walls are locked & special items are ready. Use and edit them to create the interior described in the challenge task!
Design and vote
Design, submit, then vote! Voting starts on the 5th day of challenge, but you still can submit a project, just hurry up - other users vote to decide, who wins the battle!
Glory and Prizes
Winner winner, chicken dinner. 5 most popular designs win! If this wasn’t your lucky battle, try again next week!
This week's Challenge
Back again!
During the first Planner 5D contest, you designed a Cozy Bedroom. We are back with the task to make it 100 times better!
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This week's challenge
Back again!
Design battle is not available on mobile browser yet :( Please use your PC browser. We will fix it soon! Join Planner5D Interior design weekly contests, have fun, vote, and win the prize. Easy does it. Follow for more details. Interior Design Competition | Home Design Contests with Awards - Planner5D