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О проекте

This is a tiny home I created, with a bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room, and a kitchen. Fun facts: there are more then 380 books, and it's only 460 squared feet!

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Hall Pat
Que bonito!
2020-11-13 22:32:17
80’s Life Daily
2020-11-18 15:39:44
80’s Life Daily
I love the rug please tell me where you got it!! 8-)
2020-11-26 12:51:44
I made it out of the magic cube (set it at a height of 1, and a levitation of 5) and the print was a personal texture. I'm sorry I got back to you so late, so I hope you see this.
2020-12-23 23:09:33

Woodsy Tiny Home

Автор Erin 2020-11-09 03:04:47