kitchen+livingroom+hallway ( based on farm architecture ) 87263 by Louise Deronne image

О проекте

Hey! I am really happy with the scope of my last project (design nature 001). Today, I present to you a kitchen + a living room + an entrance hall + a dressing room. Architecture based on the idea of a farmhouse with some rustic and industrial touches. Since the appearance of cubes on planner 5D, my creativity here has easier to express itself. In this project I present to you: - a living room table made with cubes and clocks. - a fireplace (I love creating fireplaces. There are several examples on my profile!) - architecture on several levels with wall details and finishes. -a TV chest of drawers with shelves. and many other things. Thank you for your interest in my creations. Take care of yourself ! © LØU DERØИNE

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