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Kinda plain. But it is nice! Check out mine
2021-05-24 18:38:48
Thanks ella
2021-05-24 19:49:15
So I am making a neighborhood and there is over 20 houses or 30 and it will take probably a year but I was wondering if you want to pretend buy one of the houses since you have a girlfriend you should pretend buy it and then she gets to pick what it looks like in the inside but all of the houses are the exact same the layout is the same but not the inside because you get to tell me what you want for the style and for the kitchen but there is : bedrooms and 2 bathrooms one is a half bathroom on the first floor and then a bathroom on the second floor
2021-05-24 20:04:07
2021-05-24 20:40:12
Cool!!! Can I choose the bedrooms?
2021-05-24 21:46:10
If i can, I would like 3
2021-05-24 21:46:43
Yes! There is 3 bedrooms in each house except the party house which is my friends but I am not going to work on the houses a lot because I am designing my friends parents house they are building so I am so excited well I don’t know for sure because she is talking to her parents about it and she will tell me what they say so I will put all of my houses on hold until the end of the summer just to work on my friends parents house!
2021-05-25 01:38:23
The was meant to be a 3 when I was telling you how many bedrooms there is a few messages back and instead it pushed this :
2021-05-25 17:06:29
2021-05-25 22:11:58
I just realized you called me designer of the week! thank you! you are very kind.
2021-05-28 16:31:56