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О проекте

This is my magic box living room, kitchen and dining area. I hope you like it!

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interior design girl!
wow I am impressed!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-02-26 23:37:31
interior design girl!
you are better then me!!!!!!
2021-02-26 23:37:52
Not better than me! (JK)
2021-02-27 00:03:53
interior design girl!
2021-02-27 00:13:30
The Design Master
Thanks @nursery planner! And thanks @Miracle Doggy!
2021-02-27 14:37:27
Your house will be finished soon!
2021-02-27 16:16:58
The Design Master
Ok I am excited!
2021-02-27 16:19:17
The Design Master
Oh and on my store @Miracle Doggy said I was 12 years old. Why does he or she think that?
2021-02-27 16:20:29
interior design girl!
I don't know
2021-02-27 16:23:53
The Design Master
2021-02-27 16:26:42
Wow this is great!!! I had know idea you could change the size of magic boxes!
2021-02-27 16:53:13
And @Maya, thinking your 12 right off the bat, is creepy! Why do they think that?! CREEPY!
2021-02-27 16:54:14
The Design Master
I wasn't the one that said that!
2021-02-27 17:29:27