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Nice! But, you can really tell the kitchen is made of the magic cube
2021-02-18 17:17:24
What's wrong with that? It shows that I worked hard to make it!!!!!!!
2021-02-18 22:30:47
Hello Tessa, I found out that SUMMER WOLF does have a premium so next time I would ask before you say she has a premium! Thank!
2021-02-19 20:53:25
I love Cafe De Love. I think the kitchen is super smart. I am so excited to see the house you are gonna make for me. You know what I want right? And I was wondering if I could change my profile pic to your profile pic just purple? Because I found one that I really like. I wanted to ask you first because I didn't want you to think that I was copying you
2021-02-20 19:20:39
It's fine I don't care Keki and thank you for your compliments!
2021-02-20 20:06:04
Your welcome! And thanks!
2021-02-21 15:56:20
Annabella Grace Lara
2021-04-18 12:35:20
2021-04-18 19:37:08