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You may want to have a quiet place in the heart of natureThe best choice for you is this house

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Mari Mond
Isso é muito perfeito!
2022-02-19 20:17:23
Mari Mond
About your 2 questions for me: its texture appears in squares because it is not seamless, there is no solution for that. try searching seamless pattern on Pinterest and youll know what Im talking about. about the other question i dont understand what you mean by replace. I use the android app and it is possible to favorite textures from other peoples projects, so this project of mine is for other people to copy, enter it, favorite textures and use in their own projects. about textures that you uploaded in Planner5D it is not possible to replace them, only to delete them.
2022-02-19 20:18:06
for design
Your answer was clear to me. I tried it myself, and indeed everything you said to me was true. Thank you for answering my questions and Im glad you liked this project
2022-02-20 11:31:11