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That project was made from a video tour of a house for sale on YouTube. This render is just a test, then I'll post the project. Esse projeto foi feito de tour em uma casa à venda no YouTube. Esse render é apenas um teste, vou postar o projeto depois.

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2021-03-10 05:04:58
Mari Mond
Thank you!
2021-03-10 12:13:17
girl power
this house is so good i love it
2021-03-10 14:47:17
Mari Mond
Thank you!
2021-03-10 16:12:52
Mari Mond
2021-03-10 16:13:01
this is really nice. esto esta bien lindo
2021-03-13 03:08:41
Иван Тарасов
2021-03-13 05:25:39
how did you manage to make 4 floors?
2021-03-13 15:48:02
this home look AMAZING!
2021-03-16 14:13:46
Wow this looks so good!
2021-03-16 15:49:12
Mari Mond
thanks for all the comments!
2021-03-17 11:13:48
Mari Mond
2021-03-17 11:14:02
Mari Mond
@Mg On the third floor I made a room with a double height and connected the dots to form a wall. I could have used the block, but I needed to install windows, so I did it!
2021-03-17 11:17:45
Mari Mond
Thanks for asking!
2021-03-17 11:18:08
When will you post it?
2021-03-21 18:08:39
Mari Mond
I’m short of time, but I’m doing it. hahahahah i will post!
2021-03-21 23:57:24
Great, I cant wait to see it!
2021-03-22 01:09:47
can you let me know when you post it?
2021-03-22 01:59:47
Serena Rusk
WOW it must have taken like 1 million hours to make that
2021-03-25 22:29:07
This mansion is beautiful. Are you also watching Enes Yilmazer's tour video?
2021-03-29 05:55:08
je to nádherné
2021-03-30 11:59:05
Mari Mond
Yees @Delight! Hahaha. love Enes Yilmazer's videos. this project belongs to his channel.
2021-03-31 12:41:17
Hi, can u publish the project, sorry for asking again.
2021-04-02 01:53:29
Mari Mond
this project is half done. and far from finished hahaha. I'm tired of him already.
2021-04-04 23:33:05
Mari Mond
2021-04-04 23:33:17
2021-04-13 02:06:17
It looks good, I'll be waiting
2021-04-13 02:06:32
Mari Mond
Thank you, @Armaan
2021-05-01 14:30:05
could you post it
2021-05-09 09:46:45
Mari Mond
Hi @elise11, daqui a duas semanas eu vou postar
2021-05-09 14:50:27
Mari Mond
2021-05-09 14:50:39