Салон детской одежды


дизайн салона детской одежды.

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where did you get stand of the clothes?
2016-10-25 04:47:26
Татьяна Максимова
a combination of different things - a curbstone, cube. From cube made stands
2016-10-28 09:49:01
how can you slant the stands? thanks for the reply
2016-11-02 02:37:23
Татьяна Максимова
combination shift + figures turnaround
2016-11-02 05:18:29
Татьяна Максимова
stand rotates but only along one axis. To start, you need to turn the stand, and then build the rest
2016-11-02 05:18:36
Oh I see, Thank you so much for your kindness. Can I have your email? So I can send you message for help, if it's okay for you Thank again
2016-11-02 08:33:56
Татьяна Максимова
You are welcome! Agtanni@yandex.ru :-)
2016-11-02 08:54:01
email sent
2016-11-02 09:01:21

Салон детской одежды "BuBiDu"

Por Татьяна Максимова 2016-10-13 20:01:08