Ben Azavedo
United Kingdom
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Hello! I am a 31-year-old father named Ben and I am blessed with a wife named Hattie and 3 children. Their names are Enzo, Hunter, and Harbor. Enzo is 1 year old and Hunter and Harbor are 5-year-old twins. We were trying really hard for a 4th child, and now, Hattie is pregnant with triplets! We don't know what gender they are, and we wouldn't for the world! If it doesn't work, we will adopt. I love to design and play soccer with my kids. Watch for my designs, because there pretty sweet.
Design Battle projects
I went with one of the more popular pastel colors for this weeks theme. Pink, and little bits of colors that pop out here and there. Bright pink, white wood, and a man who was enthusiastic about his project! :-) Enjoy.