Little Cat
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I love acting, singing, anything sour or sweet and lots more.
Design Battle projects
This bedroom is meant to bring a feel of the outside world with pictures of the golden gate bride during fog and a teepee for becoming one with mother nature you should begin to feel at home as you settle in to your new home. Now hope you host love my room. 
- Little Cat
A warm and cozy office for 12 hours workers, Sit down and relax at with a coffee at your personalized mini table with extra storage!!
This is my little house full of plants & Art!!
As you walk into our country design bathroom, you'll see the timber tile roof, our granite walls, and our exquisite chandelier hanging effortlessly. If you gaze down, you'll notice the Barnyard patterned tiles covering our flooring.

If you view toward your right, you'll examine our luxurious dressing gown waiting to be worn. To your left, there is a laundry basket and a washing machine with flawlessly folded towels of a grey and black appearance upon them. The towels have a soothing fragrance as if washed a million times. 

Opposite the washing machine, there is a set of identical mirrors above a wooden and quartz double vanity with showstopping plants to the left and right of the vanity. Diagonally across from the vanity, there is an elegantly designed bathtub and shower with colours of a foggy day, and wood from the finest fern tree that you will ever lay your eyes upon. 

Spending time in this bathroom will make you feel calm, energised, yet excited for the new day ahead of you.