I'll be remodeling and adding on to my 100 year old Colonial Revival home, so have built my entire house in Planner 5D to the real dimensions. I've even built the "before" house! This is one view of the kitchen remodel (there's a beautiful a mud room and morning room addition off to the right that can't be seen in this rendering, but I'll share that soon.) Not exact to what I want for finishes and fixtures, but as close as I could get with what is available in the paid program. I hope Planner 5D will eventually add more traditional cabinet styles, especially a full line of cabinets with crown molding and more uppers with mullion glass fronts. A freestanding farmhouse style sink without a built-in counter back splash (and a more traditional arched faucet) would have been nice, too, as the one available doesn't work in an island or peninsula. I built mine using a modern stainless sink cabinet surrounded by magic cubes. The mantel range hood was done by adding a "room" about 4' wide and 18" deep with a shelf and picture frames for molding in the same wood texture as the cabinets, a soap dish made into ceiling crown molding, and the interior walls and an arch doorway in a brick texture. I couldn't figure out how to create a pot faucet behind the range, though. I was thrilled to see the new column options added to the program, so I was able to create the pilaster cabinet accents! I see a couple of tweaks that I still need to fix, but I think it's turning out quite lovely!

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French Country Kitchen Remodel

Przez Kristin NM 2020-09-01 22:07:51