Cooperate With Us

Embedding Planner 5D to your website is a great business opportunity


Let’s share profit

Embedding Planner 5D into your website is a way to increase your sales and make your customers' shopping experience much more interactive. If any in-apps of Planner 5D are purchased via your website, we share earnings with you.

Who can be our partner?

Anyone who deals with interior design, architecture, décor, furniture manufacture, real estate or any other related field.

How does it work?

Send us an email: It's simple. You will get your own unique html-code. Copy and paste the code in to your website and start working together with us.

Embedding Your Project

Use your projects everywhere

If you wish to see and manage your projects elsewhere, you can easily embed them in any other website. In order to do that, go to your project, press ‘share’ button, copy html code and paste it to in a necessary site.

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