Lexi Győrfi
Užsiregistravo 2019
Paskelbti projektai Dizaino konkurse
Simple bedroom idea, unite the colours of the given materials; comfortable, but kind of space-saving layout.
Living room with a fireplace with a bit of twist. Part of the room represents warmness and comfort, the other part shows a chilly and refreshing place. 
The wall is from wood everywhere, except around the fireplace, in order to avoid 'fire accidents' - even if it is not a real-life living room-, and the 'rug' in front of the fireplace (made from stone) also does the same. 
Vote if you like my project, and don't forget to link your own project to the comment section for me to visit and have a look (and like of course). :) Thank you, and good luck for everyone in the present and in the future contest! :)
Kitchen and living room. Briefly: lively green entrance, greyish kitchen, blue shades in the living room. Additional covered terrace, because I overthink the project again. Courtains are consciously mixed, so that the green in the entrance fade into the main room, and reverse. Dissapointed, that I couldn't use books as decor, but the place for them is there in the wall. Next to the terrace the little garden gives a refreshing feeling- at least for me. Hope you like it with the additional places, I really overthought it, so maybe, some of you will find it too much. Good luck everyone in the contest, comment down your project, so I can have a look at it. Take care everyone! :)
Simple and comfy child's room with playing, studying and sleeping 'corners'. Grey and yellow fit each other well in general, but I hope, I didn't overdo the yellow one. :D Have nice day, and vote if you like my design. Good luck!