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Užsiregistravo 2013
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My boys bedroom features a single bed, corner snug, bookshelf, floating desk, large TV, matching wardrobes and nightstands.

I went for a monochrome based design, with minimal furniture and colourful accents to provide a calm, clean, yet vibrant atmosphere, fitting for a boy of any age. I'm sure the resident will add other furnishings and decor which were, of course, unavailable during the design process. 

The ceiling is a dark wood cladding to reduce glare from the ceiling lights. The continuation of the wood laminate floor on the wall would naturally be book matched but it was almost impossible to achieve here. A slightly smaller TV would be ideal, but here I was forced to use a four screen design.

The Marble cladding on the corner wall would be matched with the same marble on the exterior, giving a continuous feel to the view when looking out through the window. Ideally, older children might like a small fireplace built into the corner marble, but not this time.

The room smells like smoked sandalwood and pomegranate with a hint of lemon zest. 

I really enjoyed this contest, thank you for your votes. (If any)
The Pastel Bathroom, with raised round bath cubicle, floating vanity, wet section, stone wall cladding, stone floor and ceiling, white pine trim and fixtures, and bath curtain.
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