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A digital design tool to create an interactive display of your product or service – offer your clients a customized experience with stunning visualizations

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About Us

Planner 5D is a software provider specializing in interior-related visualization. Our platform allows your customers to see what your products look like in their own space, or how your services can be customized to find a solution.

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What we can help with?

Our Expertise

Interior & Furniture

Give your customers the unique opportunity to see what your products would look like in their home, kitchen, office, workspace or backyard – plus, allow them to modify the colors, textures, materials and size of your product

Real Estate

Revolutionize your design process and property portfolio with realistic 2D and 3D design using VR technology and HD Snapshots – even before it’s built!


Allow your customers to envision what a certain roofing material, floor pattern, tile or curtain set would look like in their own space – Decorator5D focuses on interior/exterior finishing, and offers everything from a cost calculator to seeing the design in 3D and VR

Custom Applications

The software can be used to create custom interiors and designs, enhance shopping experiences, improve industrial properties, and more!

For Your Business


Easy Integration

We upload your company’s products or services with detailed information, available variations and pricing

White Label Solution

The digital tool will have a unique interface, customized to your company's branding

An Interactive Catalog

Easily integrate the tool into your website to offer an innovative and user-friendly experience for your customers

High-quality imagery

Utilize 3D HD photos, full 360 degree photos and virtual reality to thoroughly inform your customers and create the ultimate user experience

For Your Customer


2D & 3D Design Tool

Allows your customers to design, customize and review in 2D and 3D modes

Easy Shopping

Incorporate online shopping to let your customers build a shopping cart, export wish lists and purchase products with just one-click

Native Technology

No additional downloads required for your customers

Virtual Reality

Let your customers experience your product or service in virtual reality

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