Winter Flame Wolf/mom/Zoe Hyte
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Data iscrizione 2020
I love designing houses and I use this to get ideas and design things for my dream home I hopefully will one day have. I am very passionate about designing and decorating houses, and am considering this as my career.
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This is a cozy, warm, one room house that hopefully, follows all the expectations of the projects. It took me a while to finish, but I have faith in it.
I worked very hard on this project. it follows the contest rules, and I really hope I win. Anyone who veiws this, please comment your thoughts. I really hope I win this contest, and good luck other contestants!
My project follows the rules of the contest design. I went for a country rustic look, with a tad bit of modern. I hope you like my project. Anyone who veiws my project please comment your thoughts on my project and if you have ny suggestion put them in the comments. Enjoy my presentation! also, please no copy and pasted comments. If you do, I will ignore them. If you want me to check out your project, tell me the page number. That's all for this project.
I worked really hard on designing a project that fits the contests description. It has a seating area, and an eating area. It also has a cozy little place to read or relax on the window seats. I followed the main colors of a dark brown, a grey, and kind of a dark aqua color. I have bamboo wallpaper to make it look cute, and some houseplants and other decor. I hope you enjoy my project, and if you veiw this, please comment your thoughts. I would love to hear your opinion!