Immersive Learning

Take classroom learning to the next level with Planner 5D – an immersive design tool to stimulate students creatively and scientifically.

Works perfectly with Google Chromebook, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS

Inspiration to learn & create

Use Planner 5D as a tool to create a unique learning experience. Allow teachers to creatively integrate the interior design software into project-based activities – use the program to help students develop math skills, improve visualization and incorporate art & design elements. Make learning really fun!

Incorporate design principles and real-world problem-solving into the curriculum.

Unlimited possibilities

Encourage every student to find their design style, problem-solving approach and creative vision. Adapt Planner 5D to fit the learning goals of each classroom or student. Empower students with hands-on involvement in authentic project-based learning. With the continuously developing software, Planner 5D is at the forefront of technology making sure the growing generation stays stimulated.

Sounds amazing? You can even step into your project with Virtual Reality using the Android app.

Works on any device!

Forget downloading complicated plug-ins and worrying about problematic updates. Planner 5D works on any device with a simple app and can be accessed on multiple platforms, including Android, Apple and Windows devices. No need for expensive hardware! Easily access projects on any web browser and design with ease.

Planner 5D works on every web browser, without any plug-ins or installations.

What can Planner 5D be used for?

STEM Classes

An innovative platform to develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. Planner 5D introduces an interactive learning experience that can enhance any curriculum and teach the importance of computer-based design.

Interior Design Basics

Help students learn about interior design and use it as a foundation to develop skills in art, efficient design and organization systems. Expose students to a technology that utilizes 2D/3D design.

Art, Architecture & Engineering

Offer an art class without pencils or paintbrushes! Encourage students to foster their creativity in a digital realm while learning design principles – explore color combinations, lighting effects, landscape design, visually-appealing graphics, unique sketching and more.

Architecture & Engineering

Develop computational skills without textbooks or standard homework assignments. Allow students to immerse in digital home design to learn architectural and engineering problem-solving. Teach real-life skills and prepare students for professional challenges - taking measurements, creating floor plans, calculating wall and floor area, writing a business plan, assigning tasks, collaborating with others, working independently and more!

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