5 Most Popular Kitchen Styles

2017-11-20 13:57:53 Daina
If you’re in the process of designing a new kitchen, or just like to keep up-to-date on kitchen design trends, this post is for you!

The team at Home Stratosphere analyzed over 900,000 kitchen designs to gain insight on kitchen features and styles. This allowed them to determine what is most popular in the world of kitchen interiors. They analyzed kitchen sizes, counter space, kitchen layout, cabinet color, backsplash color and many other features. Now, they are presenting a user-friendly summary of their findings! (find the results at the bottom of the page)

Have you ever thought about the most popular kitchen styles? Read below to learn about the 5 most popular kitchen styles and their defining qualities. We are also including the percentage showing how many of the 900,000 analyzed kitchens were categorized in that style. 

USER HIGHLIGHT! At Planner 5D, we love seeing creative kitchen designs made by our users.  So, to better present the 5 most popular kitchen designs and their qualities, we are also featuring fantastic designs by some of our users! These projects are great representations of each kitchen style, with a unique twist from each designer. Read on to learn more!

The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Designs

1. Traditional (31.5%)
•Architectural details - embellishment such as arches, moldings, island legs
•Mixed door style and finishes
•Decorative cabinet door inserts
•Ornate and decorative lighting
•Hutch-style cabinets

Below are 2 great Traditional kitchen examples by Wilson. Each design has many Traditional elements, with a modern twist. The traditional style is expressed with mixed door styles, decorative cabinet doors and high hutch-style cabinets. 

2. Contemporary (25%)
•Stainless steel appliances
•Very light or very dark wood
•Light countertops
•Minimal clutter
•Pop of color
•Subtle flooring (gray tiles or white marble floor)

This Contemporary kitchen by m-seck has a beautiful, minimal design with rich natural materials. 

3. Transitional (16.5%)
•Blended functional kitchen space with a sit-down dining area
•Kitchen island for added counter space and pub-style seating
•Wood cabinets
•Simple accents
•Neutral colors

A Transitional kitchen design by Jessica merges the kitchen with the living area - the kitchen island and the television blend the space together. 

4. Modern (11%)
•Flat panel cabinet door style
•Sleek and simple hardware
•Lack of ornamentation
•Reliance on the beauty of natural materials
•Emphasis on horizontal lines
•Industrial elements

A Modern kitchen is sleek, simple, and bright – Jessica uses industrial elements balanced with natural materials. 

5. Farmhouse (3%)
•Natural wood 
•Cooking spaces for large meals
•Classic farmhouse sink
•Large farm dining table (usually made from wood)
•Antique-style accessories

A very creative design by Mikes, where a kitchen was created in an industrial building. Although Farmhouse kitchens are typically in older traditional homes, this kitchen design displays many farmhouse features – natural wood, lots of cooking space and plenty of accessories as decoration. 

Thanks to our users for awesome kitchen designs!

What’s your favorite kitchen style? Let us know!

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love this! it helps for people to get ideas and find their building style! keep up the great work!

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my favorite one is #3

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my favorite one is the #4

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Anniese Rowe 2018-03-24 23:15:20

umm....i like all of them

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