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Modern architect house with 4bedrooms.

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Ofi Lee
Hi M SECK! This house is amazing, I love it!! I was just wondering if you could make me a house just like that one (you can even duplicate this house), but with 6 bedrooms, the extra 2 on the second floor and they can be smaller, a bigger kitchen, a babygrand piano, and a garage! Also, if you can, change the color of some of the furniture to white, grey, and black. You are an awesome designer! If you can't do this for me, it's ok! But if you can, I would really appreciate it, this is the kind of house I want when I move into a new house so I'm just planning it out! If I like what you make, I will make it my real house! Thanks, have a great day!
2020-11-05 17:29:51
Hello , Thanks for the comment. It will be a real house or you need it just for fun? Because it not my principal activity and If it a reel need it will take time so it will be not free.
2020-11-05 18:10:57
Ofi Lee
I love playing and pretending like I'm in the real house on the screen, it won't be my real real house, so don't spend too much time on it, but I would like to get some ideas from it for my real house. Just don't spend so much time on it that it won't be free. Can you please tell me about how long it will take you? I just want it to be ready before December please. Thanks, have a wonderful day M SECK!
2020-11-07 00:37:09
Hello, I don't think that I have the time to create and furnish a big house like you want
2020-11-07 20:29:35
Ofi Lee
Ok, no problem! Do you maybe think you could just add a babygrand piano, 1 more small bedroom, and change the color of some things to white, grey, or black?
2020-11-07 21:02:56
Ofi Lee
If you can't, it's ok!
2020-11-07 21:03:22