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The perfect layout for a tween girl featuring abundant closet and storage space for clothes shoes and accessories. A well lit floor plan with a calming study area and the most peaceful private bed nook for additional privacy. Shelving around the room to display pictures and objects to visualize many memories over time. My niece wants me to design her room to look something like this!
Family time retreat with multi function room and outdoor lounge! Never be bored again with an abundance of things to do.  Movie lounging or playing video games on one half, and board games, darts, or reading on the other side. Open air, outdoor lounge with privacy curtains across from the outdoor pool area. Invite everyone over and enjoy good times and fun. Vote if you like it and leave a comment. (Im not really here for votes anymore because children don't really see true talent and jump on the comment train to gain support. If you have been using this site to promote your age, you have a lot to learn about design. If you knew any better, Jessica is one of the most talented designers using this platform. She isn't 12 like most of you newbies out there. Her designs are a protest to this contest because none of you even read the rules for the contest stating you need to be 18 to enter the contest and 5D not enforcing their own rules. This should have been 2 contests. One for children and the other for adults. For her stance on the unfair practice of these broken rules rewarding ineligible participants. Jessica has my complete support. Stay safe and have fun.
Coastal colonial themed  with dark accent walls and window lounge.
My last entry until the contest changes for the better. There are a few individuals that make this contest a burden and the masses that just vote for whoever has the most comments, vote on a promise or super spammers, well, shame on you. If you are voting,  Think of yourself as the client.  Did the design meet all the criteria? Design it to make the room please someone else and get out of comfort zones. This environment promotes entitlement and not hard work. Don't waste a vote on garbage, just give it because they earned it. Good luck to those that want to get better and take advice from talented people. Renders cost real money and some people blowing through them like kleenex tissues. Dont vote for me if you pity my sentiment, vote because its better than 90% of the fluff this contest has to offer.