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About me! Note: Hi sorry about the kitchen a living, room, idk what happened. But some of u people liked it idk why lol- but my project is disqualified, so its not there anymore :( Favorite color: Rose gold Aesthetic (lol): Retro/vintage/ artsy Gender: female Bestiesss: Hermione_thesecond (please vote for her >-< I hope u have a great day!-ArtxyDrexms700 DISCLAIMER: I do not own the images for what i used for my profile pic :)
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My project is where it has vivid colors. I added flowers and plants because it reminds me of spring. I think this is a good theme because it spring right now. Bright pastel colors remind me of spring. I hope all of you do great! ^-^
My project has a lot of pictures. It mostly has the colors white and grey. I hope u like the living room, and good luck on your project! I hope u do well :) (I'm not that very good a writing descriptions lol)
- cookiedough ^-^
My room is a little bit pastel. The bed is a pastel pink color with star pillows on the sides. Near the bed, it also has a plant. Shelves are next to the bed for storage. A closet and a drawer is also included with a picture. Next is the balcony. A computer is on a desk with plants and a lamp next to it. Shelves are above the desk for books. A canvas is also included for painting.(sorry im bad at descriptions ._.) - Cookiedough ^-^
My project is a simple office. It has a desk near the door with an computer for work and paintings, and a plant for decoration. Shelves are included for storage too. A couch is on the other side with a table for writing,drawing,working, and many more. More shelves are included for storage, as well as a window next. I hope you all are safe and have a nice day! -Cookiedough ^-^