Contest: luxurious bedroom 4342286 by Elena Z image



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Yasemin Seray Ençetin
wow! such a luxury style
2021-05-14 09:05:18
Yasemin Seray Ençetin
how do you do this bed head? which item?
2021-05-14 09:36:16
Como vc acha esse tom de Dourado?
2021-05-17 01:37:51
Elena Z
Hi, to make the headboard I used two shelves, I made them gold and put them in the wall and a little lower. Then I used two of this wood panel in white. The gold tone has the HEX FFE1B3, but I applied it on a metal basis, not a textile one (also for the curtains)
2021-05-17 14:14:52