Brick house to a couple 82588 by Gabes image

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Brick house with modern interior. Large storage spaces.

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Huzaifah Shaikh
love it!
2020-10-08 23:38:41
Huzaifah Shaikh
Hi! I really love your project so much! I REALLY LOVE the sofa area. You are so talented! . . i LOVE the way you arranged the furniture.! AMAZING PROJECT! i already voted for your project! please vote for me on page1! Thanks!
2020-10-08 23:38:44
Huzaifah Shaikh
on design battle!
2020-10-08 23:38:52
Thank you !
2020-10-09 07:09:57
- B T S - -A R M Y _
2020-10-09 08:04:44
- B T S - -A R M Y _
2020-10-09 08:05:33
- B T S - -A R M Y _
2020-10-09 08:07:00
Thank you!
2020-10-09 09:40:18
okay this is amazing!!!!!!!!!
2020-10-11 02:11:12
i want this house!
2020-10-11 02:11:32
Thank you!
2020-10-11 09:11:50
I love it...
2020-10-29 10:28:57
Thank you
2020-10-29 19:06:18
Presley Pulliam
This is crazy good! How did you make the breakfast in bed?! You are just insanely talented!
2020-11-10 20:03:47
Thank you Presley Pulliam! The breakfast in bed can be found in misc items, in kitchewear.
2020-11-10 20:43:40
Hello Gabes I am engaged and going to college do you think you could make me a house for free? I would like it to be 1 story 4 bed, 3 bath 1 to be a master, 1 to be a 5 year old girls room, another to be a playroom and the last to be a guest bedroom! Once you are done you can post it as a regular project also a small backyard and garage! Please and thank you!
2021-01-29 01:44:27