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Classical Contemporary Apartment for a family of four--below are the clients' background The clients are a family of four; a married couple, and two children; one girl and one boy. They live in a condominium complex in a large urban city. The wife, Adele, is a young mother and works as a Registered Nurse at the nearby hospital and loves to bike to work. The husband, Jace, is a software developer and is able to work from home most days of the week, but has an office in the city in which he takes the train to on occasion. The family have one car because they do not drive very often, but enjoy taking weekend trips to the countryside to visit their family. Their daughter, Reyna, is six years old and attends the local kindergarten two blocks away. Jace usually walks her to school every morning. She loves coloring and playing princess. Their son, Henry, is three years old and attends the preschool across the block from the hospital Adele works at. He is a bright kid who loves to play with toy trains and stuffed animals. The family has two Chihuahuas named Bailey and Zeus, who they enjoy walking around the neighborhood and local parks. INTERESTS AND STYLE The family purchased a dated condo in their perfect neighborhood, and they hope to renovate it to fit their needs. They both are fond of dark and moody tones, but enjoy a pop of color once in a while. They want to be able to incorporate the kids’ space into the adult space so they can keep an eye on each other and spend time together. Because they live in the city, they recognize that storage is a must-have, so clever storage solutions are suggested. They want their master suite to be an oasis from their days at work and to have a sophisticated style, and they want each kid’s room to reflect their interests and be a space that they can enjoy and grow into.

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wow that's a long description. very specific kinda weird
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Nia Young
Do you know these people. Long description/\.
2020-12-11 14:52:47
Ofi Lee
This is is very nice! I'm sorry about what happened, I probably copied and sent to the gallery some of your projects a long time ago and I didn't really know about the website that much. I want to remove them from my activity but I don't know how! Could you please tell me how to delete projects you sent to the gallerey? Have a great day!
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This is a very well done home. I really love the kids bedroom
2020-12-30 18:57:59
Nobody, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to get involved.
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