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This is beautiful!
2021-05-16 12:44:32
The Genius Of Design
thanks Lila
2021-05-16 12:44:58
No problem girl!
2021-05-16 12:45:11
You look stunning in your profile.
2021-05-16 12:46:21
The Genius Of Design
thank you
2021-05-16 12:46:41
You seem very nice!
2021-05-16 12:47:16
The Genius Of Design
you do too
2021-05-16 12:49:38
I try! Lol!
2021-05-16 12:49:56
How do you stay beautiful?
2021-05-16 12:50:32
The Genius Of Design
lol, I have no idea!! It is a gift from G-d and i am very grateful
2021-05-16 12:51:28
You are. Do you have siblings?
2021-05-16 12:52:11
The Genius Of Design
yes, 11
2021-05-16 12:53:41
11 siblings?! Wow! Thats a lot!
2021-05-16 12:54:13
The Genius Of Design
2021-05-16 12:54:45
Are you kidding? Wow!!
2021-05-16 12:55:25
The Genius Of Design
i know, it's a lot!
2021-05-16 12:56:13
Wow!!! Did you mother birth them all?
2021-05-16 12:57:05
The Genius Of Design
2021-05-16 12:57:20
The most I have seen, is a mother, my friends giving birth to 9.
2021-05-16 12:59:34
The Genius Of Design
wow that is also a lot! Have you got any kids?
2021-05-16 13:00:53
I gave birth to my doctor when I was in college she is now 12 but she is not living with me because of personal reasons. I want kids but because of weight issues it's been hard. I am 34 and getting older each day so I am hoping to adopt or foster one or two kids!
2021-05-16 13:03:28
The Genius Of Design
I have a sister who is 12 too! that's a shame although adopting/fostering is a really nice thing to do too!
2021-05-16 13:05:20
Yeah! I have been in the process for a year so I just wait for calls!
2021-05-16 13:06:34
The Genius Of Design
nice! I am moving to London soon to start secondary school there and I am really excited! But I am going by myself so i'll stay at my cousins house.
2021-05-16 13:08:44
Cool!!! I live in an apartment, and someone on planner in making me a small condo.
2021-05-16 13:10:33
The Genius Of Design
that is so cool!!!
2021-05-16 13:12:19
I know! OMG! I just got a call from the court house saying there are two children in need of your help, come at 11.
2021-05-16 13:15:12
The Genius Of Design
wowow!! what time is it for you now?
2021-05-16 13:16:13
9:16 in the morning.
2021-05-16 13:16:58
The Genius Of Design
so exciting!!!
2021-05-16 13:17:32
I know!!! I need to prepare like I have no idea what to do!
2021-05-16 13:18:58
The Genius Of Design
Just tidy up your house, prepare food for when they come and prepare them rooms.
2021-05-16 13:21:40
I am freaking out! I am going to spend my mom the the store the get me some stuff.
2021-05-16 13:23:13
The Genius Of Design
everything will be fine. I need to go in a min
2021-05-16 13:24:44
OKay! I will update you later.
2021-05-16 13:25:13
The Genius Of Design
I won't be here for 2 days because I'm going on a trip
2021-05-16 13:26:24
Alright! Well have fun and talk to you later.
2021-05-16 13:27:07
This is amazing! All I have to say is maybe make the bed a little lower since there is no room to lay!
2021-05-16 14:18:27
The Genius Of Design
ok thanks Tessa
2021-05-16 15:15:58
fun room!
2021-05-16 21:33:14
Wow! I like this. The bed is really cool. Hey please check out my "All black!" design battle project. There is a message and a shout out. Please read the description! *CheckOutMyDesigns*
2021-05-17 22:13:38
The Genius Of Design
thanks sz
2021-05-19 10:04:36
The Genius Of Design
thanks SamSup
2021-05-19 10:04:47