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About this project

This is an office I made for fun. It's my idea of an office I'd love to have in a building.

Commentaires (5)
I really like it!
2021-05-05 12:13:19
John Hunter
Thanks, it's greatly appreciated!
2021-05-05 16:54:51
can you make me a house? I would like a 1 story house with 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and my style is boho and farmhouse mixed together! you can do whatever you want with the rest
2021-05-05 18:04:44
John Hunter
@interior design girl! Thanks, I appreciate the offer but I will have to pass on that. I just like designing for fun and accepting jobs/contracts is just not my thing. Try and ask someone else.
2021-05-05 20:55:55
2021-05-06 01:45:27