Is AI the future of interior design? We think so!

May 19, 2017— In the 1984 classic film, “The Terminator”, an Artificial Intelligence system becomes self-aware, begins a nuclear holocaust, and brings upon the fall of humanity. Now we may just be optimists here at Planner 5D, but our vision for AI in the future is just a little more positive. We’ve been hard at work with Artificial Intelligence, and instead of making killer cyborgs that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’ve found ways to incorporate AI into our easy-to-use interior design tool to make it better than ever! 

Now, I know what you’re saying. “Why put Artificial intelligence into an interior design tool?” “Are you mad?” “What if it becomes self-aware?” All good points, and as scary as a killer interior design tool sounds, AI is going to be GREAT for interior design, and i’ll tell you exactly why that is!

According to a report by Tractica, the AI software application industry will grow from $1.4 billion in 2016, to $60 billion by the year 2025. The Artificial Intelligence industry has been hard at work taking on jobs from all around the world, proving that oftentimes AI can be just as powerful, precise, and creative as the human mind. For example, Autodesk®’s generative design lab recently introduced an entirely new way of creating products by allowing one of their very own AI systems to create the now famous “Elbo chair”. The software created hundreds of designs based on instruction and criteria they fed it, optimizing as it went to reach the best result. In the end, the ingenious Elbo chair was created. Now it’s looking like Interior design might just be the next field where AI ultimately begins replacing humans. 

Here at Planner 5D, we’ve been hard at work creating AI to observe more than 40 million interior design projects created by our very own users! Through observing these projects our AI has gradually started to learn all about the thought process behind designing a home, such as general interior design rules and how to match colors and styles. Some examples include the AI learning that: a TV cannot be placed in front of a window since it will reflect light, a bed should stand sideways to a window, and a couch should be placed in front of a central point in a room.

The AI has even begun to pick up on technical requirements such as: average square feet used by a person, amount of lighting needed in a room, and even optimal door width and ceiling height. After a user indicates their preferred style, the number of people in their household, and the location of their house, the AI will come up with optimal home design results to match the user’s criteria and create the best home for their situation. 

“Currently, only professional designers know design rules and techniques. Our vision is to empower everyone to become  interior designers with an app that combines AI with virtual reality. When we connect interior design techniques with AI, we hope to surpass an average interior designer who works using ‘cookie cutter’ design methods. Later on, we might even win some interior design contests.” said Alexey Sheremetyev, co-founder of Planner 5D.

With the help of AI, interior design is going to be easier than ever! To create a floor plan, a user will simply need to inform the AI of their specific criteria, then the AI will create multiple solutions and floor plans to achieve the perfect home for their situation! Here at Planner 5D, we’re combining the best of AI and Virtual Reality to make interior design better than ever! 

To find out more about us, check out our website, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Join our community of over 18 million users and become a part of the interior design revolution!

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