Forum / Problems / Computer freezes when trying to snapshot images to then Upload project to gallery?

Hey i was just wondering if there is a way to upload your projects to the gallery off an android tablet?
At the moment ive been finishing a project on tablet but then switching to laptop to then take snapshots on internet planner5d before uploading, otherwise it wont let me. It takes like 1/2 hr to load if it doesnt crash before. Is this process correct? Sorry for essay. Cheers.
2017-12-28 08:37:53

No, as for this moment there's no direct option on how to upload projects to the Gallery from Android.

Besides, if You create a project being logged in to Your Planner5D account, it will auto sync to Your PC or Web as well.

After that, posting is easy:

2018-01-02 11:17:37
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