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Planner 5D is now available to download from the Mac App Store! The new app has been created with native Apple technologies to ensure smooth performance, user-friendly features and a macOS-inspired design. It is seamlessly integrated into the Apple ecosystem to allow users to work on the same Planner 5D projects with their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

In addition to the intuitive native design, the Planner 5D app for Mac delivers high-quality graphics using the latest SceneKit and Metal technology capabilities. Users can take full advantage of the graphic innovations as they select items in the digital catalog and capture their design projects with HD Snapshots.

The Planner 5D team has added a variety of features and innovations to the new version, including Metal graphics technology for faster and more natural renderings; over 3000 items included in the Digital Catalog; responsive and intuitive design features; enhanced graphics; and more.

Planner 5D for Mac is available exclusively from the Mac App Store in various packages with in-app purchases. Download here:
2017-12-13 10:56:51
Hi ! it’s has some bug. but any way Thankyou.
2017-12-13 15:45:19
and I want to download the photo planner on ipad,ipone. but I don’t have united staits apple ID. can you Please upload in china or korea appstore too?
2017-12-13 15:49:10
weet iemand hoe ik de zolder wanden schuin kan maken?
als ik de wanden gebruik in de map van daken kan ik hier geen raam invoegen.

alvast dank voor jullie reactie.

2017-12-13 18:16:00
To: David
Hi there.

That Photo Planner... can You post a link or a screenshot?

2017-12-15 09:22:07

As far as I understood, You want to create an attic style roof and insert a window as well.

Something like a skylight window, if to be precise.

That is possible, if You make that type of roof using a couple or even more Magic Cubes:
2017-12-15 09:29:31
oh. don’t worry. I sent you email please chek it. big bug in Planner 5d on mac.
Thank you.I sent you video.
2017-12-18 07:56:04
Ok, I'll check it ASAP.
2017-12-18 08:39:01
I want to make the walls on the third floor slant, and than a window in it.
When i use the slant walls in the map (roofs) they will be disappered the next login.
And i cant putt windows in these whalls.
Can you help me with this?

2017-12-18 14:37:43
That can be challenging.

What I usually do is add a window and attach Magic Cubes all around it.

However- success is not 100% guaranteed, since windows do not turn in a such a way as Magic Cube does (when holding Shift and round arrow).
2017-12-19 08:36:40
why the texture is not visible when the rendering process is complete?
2017-12-28 05:38:19

You mean the picture on the wall, I suppose.

Am I right?

Can You send me that texture to

2017-12-29 12:14:45
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