Forum / Problems / Can't resize walls on lower level floor without reloading model

For some reason I can't resize the first floor of my model once I have manipulated the 2nd floor. If I reload the model it seems to work again. Any ideas?
2017-12-12 19:22:49

Usually such issue does not occur at all.

When working on the second floor, what exactly do You edit? Wall length or something else?
2017-12-13 09:13:26
Hi I have confirmed this same issue. Once I edit anything (furniture, walls, etc) on the second floor. If I got back to the first floor I can't edit a wall. After a page refresh, it works again. I have noticed I can edit a single point of a wall. But I cannot grab a whole wall at once and move it. Only one corner point at a time.
2017-12-24 17:36:02

In such a case switch between view modes once or twice.

Besides, which our app do You use?
2017-12-27 08:10:22
I use the browser app in Chrome on windows.
2018-01-04 21:17:06
Do not get stuck with only one browser, especially Google.

Have a "reserve" one, like Mozilla Firefox or even Opera.
2018-01-09 07:30:50
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