Forum / News / Planer5D Windows 10 app: profile management and project synchronisation

New section appeared, named "Profile", in which the user can manage his/her profile.

Create a new one or connect to an existing one.

After connecting to the profile, you can synchronise projects.

Plans/catalogs have also changed, item edition is not possible in a free/demo version.

Sync is available only with "Premium Plus".

Who used to have the full catalog - auto switches to Premium; who had the catalog and HD snapshots, will get everything converted automatically as well.

You have to pay for synchronisation in any case.

P. S. So far only for 10% of users, program version is 1.8.X and higher; we are testing this function. Who wants to try it, go to the Windows Store and do a forced search for the update, then the version with synchronisation is downloaded.
2017-11-07 12:20:57
The unlimited premium is "Premium Plus"?
2017-11-15 10:45:12
Premium is unlimited as well.

Premium Plus, being unlimited, of course, also has unlimited HD screenshots and a possibility to sync projects via Planner5D account.

To sum up, Premium Plus has it all )))
2017-11-15 10:53:08
you can go look at my you can pleese
2017-11-30 19:28:38

To look where? )))
2017-11-30 19:48:07
what is your name
2017-11-30 20:39:47
Good bye.
2017-11-30 20:42:19
EDIT:this was before I read that is a premium feature

I can't see my projects that are on my profile on the windows app, is there something I am doing wrong?
2017-12-25 22:43:41

As for the first time, be sure to be logged in both in Windows 10 app and, for example, Your Web, iOS or Android app.
2017-12-27 07:30:25
If I buy the unlimited full catalog online can I sync with the windows 10 app version?
2018-01-03 07:35:15

Yes, exactly.
2018-01-03 07:44:11
I bought a premium plus. and can i take a HD snapshots in another Device? on ios? becaus I can't tkae a HD snapshots in ios..
can you help me?
2018-01-03 14:56:26

Concerning HD snapshots- taking them is limited to Your device only.

They do not sync as the catalog itself.
2018-01-04 08:01:21
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