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New section appeared, named "Profile", in which the user can manage his/her profile.

Create a new one or connect to an existing one.

After connecting to the profile, you can synchronise projects.

Plans/catalogs have also changed, item edition is not possible in a free/demo version.

Sync is available only with "Premium Plus".

Who used to have the full catalog - auto switches to Premium; who had the catalog and HD snapshots, will get everything converted automatically as well.

You have to pay for synchronisation in any case.

P. S. So far only for 10% of users, program version is 1.8.X and higher; we are testing this function. Who wants to try it, go to the Windows Store and do a forced search for the update, then the version with synchronisation is downloaded.
2017-11-07 12:20:57
The unlimited premium is "Premium Plus"?
2017-11-15 10:45:12
Premium is unlimited as well.

Premium Plus, being unlimited, of course, also has unlimited HD screenshots and a possibility to sync projects via Planner5D account.

To sum up, Premium Plus has it all )))
2017-11-15 10:53:08
you can go look at my you can pleese
2017-11-30 19:28:38

To look where? )))
2017-11-30 19:48:07
what is your name
2017-11-30 20:39:47
Good bye.
2017-11-30 20:42:19
EDIT:this was before I read that is a premium feature

I can't see my projects that are on my profile on the windows app, is there something I am doing wrong?
2017-12-25 22:43:41

As for the first time, be sure to be logged in both in Windows 10 app and, for example, Your Web, iOS or Android app.
2017-12-27 07:30:25
If I buy the unlimited full catalog online can I sync with the windows 10 app version?
2018-01-03 07:35:15

Yes, exactly.
2018-01-03 07:44:11
I bought a premium plus. and can i take a HD snapshots in another Device? on ios? becaus I can't tkae a HD snapshots in ios..
can you help me?
2018-01-03 14:56:26

Concerning HD snapshots- taking them is limited to Your device only.

They do not sync as the catalog itself.
2018-01-04 08:01:21
Hello Martynas,
If I understand right all the above the unlimited full catalog which was puchased online via account can be used in Windows 10 app. If so, why is that some of the catalog items are not available in the Windows 10 app.
I am using P5D mainly online, sometimes in windows app and sometimes on android phone. And when I open certain projects in the Windows 10 app (which I really like and find great anyway) I experience that some of the furniture disappeared from my project and cannot be placed again because they don't appear in the catalog. And when exiting the Win 10 app it creates a lot of trouble and annoyance because of the autosave and sync.
Is it all normal what I experience in the Windows 10 application's catalog or do I do something the wrong way?
2018-03-10 19:18:24
Hello there.

Please point out which items exactly.

I suppose- roof models; as Windows 10 app has only one model available.

A small part of catalog items do differ and might cause some issues when syncing.

Be sure to save/back up Your projects.

In due time updates will be issued.
2018-03-12 13:43:56
Thank you very much for your answer.
As far as I can remember some of the items disappeared in the win10 app are as follows: s/3931, s/4063, s/4066, s/4069, s/4186, s/4153, s/4195, s/4197, s/4201, s/4199, s/3561. I also noticed, that room labels are moving from their place after I reopen projects online.
I hope all these will help to improve this amazing software.
2018-03-12 20:24:07
For the account premium plus, can we sync projects between web,android and windows app same time.
can you clarify model premium plus?
2018-03-14 10:45:56

Indeed- with Premium Plus and Planner5D account "plugged in", sync between various platforms/devices is possible.
2018-03-14 10:51:53
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