Forum / General / How do I paint the exterior of the house

2017-11-07 07:04:33

Tap/click on a wall;

A menu will up;

Click/tap on "Paintbrush" icon;

Another menu will open to the left side;

Choose "Walls", second slot.

That is it, now only choose which colour or texture to apply.
2017-11-07 08:10:03
How do you paint multiple walls (or multiple of anything, like kitchen cabinets) at the same time? One real pain is the cube. It has 6 separate sides all of which I have to paint separately and 99% of the time, I want them all the same color.
2018-01-11 00:37:47

This option is yet not available.

For furniture and Magic Cube both.

However, it is already put on our to do list, though without an exact term, as for the present moment.
2018-01-11 08:55:26
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