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We’ve recently launched an updated version of Planner 5D with an exciting new feature. Using ARKit, we’ve developed an Augmented Reality (AR) Ruler tool that introduces a new (and easy!) way to draw floor plans. With the AR Ruler and your iPhone/iPad camera, you can convert the room you’re standing in into a floor plan in Planner 5D.

With the help of ARKit, your iPhone or iPad can analyze the scene presented by the camera view and find horizontal planes in the room. ARKit can detect horizontal planes – like tables and floors – so you can tag the points in a room and create a digital floorplan.

The AR Ruler can be used on an iPhone 6S and higher, any iPad Pro or the 2017 iPad.

How to use the AR Ruler:’s-arkit
2017-10-19 15:43:56
Hey Boss, think you guys can create a boat in the exterior section? Thanks
2017-10-21 17:06:17

Hm, I suppose we could )))
2017-10-23 07:21:59
i just start to use PLanner5d free vertion
sam problems to fix:
1. window need to add option to svival.
2. need mor objects to add .
3.after made the project , plaese add aoption to change all the project all to gever like a group.
4.need to add Layers on project

Tomer Hasid
2017-10-23 07:54:43

As for me, it seems You're using a demo catalog.

Since Your mentioned features are available in a full catalog.
2017-10-23 11:36:00
I bought one year lease in July 2017 but never able to use it despite chasing up a few times.
2017-11-03 12:28:59
2017-11-03 23:45:38
this game is cool
2017-11-03 23:45:59
Glad to know it.
2017-11-05 16:00:57
Many thanks, Martynas!!
2017-11-07 10:20:54
You're welcome.
2017-11-07 10:22:25

haj bet girl
2017-11-12 19:09:22
Hello, what's that supposed to mean? )))
2017-11-13 08:06:32
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