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Hi, everyone,

Presenting a new feature/functionality for Android Planner 5D app- adjustable wall thickness!

- Tap on a certain wall;

- Choose "Paintbrush" icon;

- Pick "Size";

- Here You go, You will see a new option added!
2017-08-24 09:43:19
And for when in the web version?
2017-08-24 10:27:20
In due time.

2017-08-24 10:30:32
how do you turn the furniture in house to where you want. also how do you walk in side your 3d plan with out using zoom in and out
2017-08-25 19:42:31

Tap or click on the item, a menu will pop up.

Use Round or Up and Down arrows to rotate/move .

Zooming is needed in order to move.

Of course, there's a VR mode, but for Androids only.
2017-08-29 05:34:16
i like this app really
2017-08-30 00:10:05
Glad to know it.
2017-08-30 05:07:21
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