Glass texture to magic box?

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Hi, is there a way to apply a glass texture to magic box? i tried the color code from windows but its just a plain blue
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Joy Suiter
open a new project, size it for what you need. put in the magic cube for the size you want and where. use your room perimeter to snap the window direction and slide to cube. change colors to white on all or change window trim color. hope this helps. if you don't need the room/floor, delete it. your glass cube will still be their.

Oscar Mario
Thanks! but this is not working to me . lets say, i want to build a glass railing for a balcony... if i understood your instructions you are just making a "stand alone" window, right?

Joy Suiter


Hello everyone. I start on this software which is superb and very well done. I confess I have to look for a moment to make glass cubes and I allow myself to put as much detail as possible for all beginners who will pass there as I have been able to do as well. In a 2D plane you take a room that you turn totally white then you drag a window onto one of the walls. Put all its white surfaces also, including the glass. Here I think, what did not work for me, it is necessary that the next windows come well aboard the others, limit that they overlap a little on the edges to make one and the same cube. Make copied-pasted from the first window is simpler and less repetitive.
Switch to 3D view mode and normally you have a glass cube. Here, hoping to have helped some like me, beginners. Good continuation to all and forgive me the mistakes of language, I am French and unfortunately not enough speak well this beautiful language of Shakespeare

Exemples :

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Well done!

Joy Suiter
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Joy Suiter

example. if u want a railing, shorten height of window. windows cannot be put in a magic cube.

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Thank You, Joy.

Micaela Maccaferri
Hi Marty. I have a question for you. I have bought many texture and now when I need one of these I have to scroll all, because they are all mixeded. To find the right one is not easy like in Planner 5d. Have you thought, in a future project , at the possibility to organize all textures in different tipologies like is in P5D? (wood, leather, fabrics etc...)
Thanks in advances

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Actually, that's a very good idea, since old textures can not be deleted and, I agree, can make quite a mess in texture list/folder.

I'll ask around developer team if it's possible to implement.

Bay Bridge Cove

I am having trouble uploading textures - im on a mac - i select the file hit upload - and it spinner spins - help ?

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Hello there.

And how exactly do You add them- using Mac app directly or working with MAC with Browser app version?

Thanks! but this is not working to me . lets say, i want to build a glass railing for a balcony... if i understood your instructions you are just making a "stand alone" window,

Hello everyone ! there is a trick to make glass balustrades, take walls in vere and put them to the dimensions wanted. To make roofs or glass floors, there is a table that can be reduced in thickness and thus becomes floor or ceiling or any other flat surface! But it is true that the texture glass is sorely lacking in this software.And also, impossible to import correctly textures, it mills for hours without ever importing ... I bought 20 textures but it does not work ... What a disappointment ..... a pity. Good day to everyone and see you soon.

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Textures can be added using two methods- try both of them.

On weaker computers/devices- after adding a texture simply reload/refresh the page itself.

@ Oscar Mario. I use magic cube make it 6"x6" and whatever height you need.Then go to partitions and adjust height and width. I use 6x6 for the magic cube so the the black corners can be hidden

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