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We, Planner5D team, do understand Your wish to get and use the app for free.
However, some major moments should be explained:

1) In order to make the app free of charge, we would have to reduce our team of professional developers. This, of course, would have to be compensated with a huge amount of commercials, which profit/benefit is very doubtful by any means.

2) We could use the same method as other companies, creating so called "placements" and selling them to furniture manufacturers, instead of developing catalogs. Still, this is not the best way as recently some big players went bankrupt due to such a policy.

We use our own method, creating/developing new features which are allowed to test for free before selling.

This particular model allows us us to maintain the most professional team of designers and programmers, limit commercials as well.

In the nearest future we are planing to renounce all commercials and provide a bigger variety of free items and options.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An option to unlock items for free watching ads on Android is also no more valid/active.The same goes with iOS.

Besides, just a piece of cheese is free... in a mousetrap :D
2017-03-30 09:58:22
Great clarifications, I personally think it should continue like this without gratuitousness because the prices of the catalogs are very accessible. I look forward to more varieties of items.
2017-03-30 10:08:51
Thank You for the support and good words.
2017-03-30 10:10:13
2017-03-30 10:16:37
Hallo Martynas
I agree with you and Michelle: there are stupid application not free. Why a good program like Planner5d should be free? We know what is the job around this program and I think that Planner is ok so.....
2017-03-30 11:25:42
2017-03-30 11:29:03
People do not work for free, the program has to be 30% free and 70% paid.
2017-03-30 12:45:43
I agree, you can't not pay people .
2017-04-02 12:43:33
I AGREE TO 333333333333
2017-04-02 23:00:15
2017-04-02 23:00:58
2017-04-02 23:01:24
I purchased the full Windows Planner-5D software but when running the Planner-5D on-line version none of the attributes are unlocked. Do you sell multiple versions of the program?
2017-04-05 23:22:31
Good day,

Planner5D Windows 10 version is a comprehensive and separate one, it does not sync or share it's catalog with other versions.

It can sync projects, though it is a procedure:
2017-04-06 05:09:28
How do I watch ads to get free items?
2017-04-06 16:46:40
Do apologize, but that does not work no more.
2017-04-06 21:02:06
2017-04-07 15:24:55
Muchas Code todo freestyle unlock:KYXDKMC
2017-04-12 13:50:43
Hi, I havent been able to open the 3d view. What do I need to do? its urgent for me could u plz convert my project in 3d view
2017-04-13 06:23:40

What version of Planner5D do You use?

What is Your device?

Do You get any error messages while trying to convert?

2017-04-13 06:42:48
Id all of you give your codes we'll can unlock more objects
2017-04-14 08:39:46
Indeed However, codes no longer work.
2017-04-14 08:43:01
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